Monday, January 12, 2015

Post #5

 Lots of work has been done and still needs to be done on my project. I got an email back from a coordinator for the Detroit Diehards basketball team. They are interested in playing in my charity event! I plan to make a call so that we can figure out more details over the phone instead of a bunch of emails.

As for news and information, I believe that most of the money will be brought in through tickets sells to attend the event and maybe a raffle. The game will most likely be in the main gym at my high school. I still need to talk to the basketball coaches to figure out a date that will work for them.

Instead of just hosting one event, the wheelchair basketball game, I now also plan on hosting a sled hockey game as well. I think this game will most likely be in March after states for our school's hockey teams. I have received an email make from a local sled hockey team, The Michigan Sled dogs, and they said they would love to play in this game to raise money for there team.

My project is on a roll now, as you can see, and there is plenty of stuff to do. This week my goal is to contact the head coaches to see when would be a good time to have their players participate in this event.

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