Wednesday, May 13, 2015

looking back at my project

As I am wrapping up and preparing to give an end of the year speech, my teacher ask our class to reflect on our individual 20 Time project. So here I go.

I failed. Yes you heard it right, I failed. I was not able to able to host the sled hockey game. By the time I was prepared and ready to host the event, hockey season was over and therefore not many people would be interested in spending there time in a freezing-cold ice rink for a off-season sports game.

Although I did not accomplish my goal of hosting the event this school year, it does not mean that my project is over. I talked to my hockey coach and he said that he is willing to help create this event with me next year and schedule ice time to have our high school girls hockey team play against a sled team like the Michigan Sled Dogs. I hope to continue working on this project and even making it an annual event. When the time comes around next year, I know to start preparing for the event earlier because getting a date that works for both teams is tough.

So even though I technique failed maybe it was for the better? I learned a whole lot more on how I can improve as a person and as an event coordinator, than as I ever could if I succeeded and ended up hosting the sled hockey game. Also, whatever good that might have come out of hosting the event I can hopefully find next year when I make a second attempt to run this game. I would love the opportunity to try this again and I am going to make sure to set aside time to organize this game and who knows possibly even other fundraisers so that I can help a good cause.

To sum this up, I am happy that I failed because it allowed me to use the 20 time project as a learning experience and it gave me the opportunity to gain the tools that I needed to propel into the possibilities of tomorrow.